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10dd is a 10-16 piece all women a capella vocal band... think Barden Bellas meets Feisty Chickens!

We started life in 2010 as a 10cc tribute group. Inspired by the 1970s UK band of gifted songwriters with warped senses of humour, we perform 10cc songs with all the wit and irony they deserve.

Then... we wanted to spread our wings - so we became the 50 Foot Choir - and performed "Women are from Mars" (2016 - Hannah Playhouse)

In 2017 we presented  "The Late Day of the Dead" - and sang songs of lost legends!  And now...

Now we are performing "Destination Everywhere" A set of songs from around the world. Actually - we'll even sing it if it has a country in the title. This season - we are going under the moniker "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".

This programme was first presented in 2018 as "Destination Anywhere" at Tuatara and Mana Little Theatre... in 2019 we are journeying it further...

More fun than it oughta be.